Throwback Thursday: Acne Tee

Throwback Thursday’s are always a good time. But they’re especially great when anything Acne is involved. Let’s discuss…

Finding a good t-shirt is more complex than you may have initially thought, especially if you’re the discerning type (which I’m hoping you are). I mean fit is everything, always. It goes without saying that this law applies to each item in your wardrobe (and yes, it even extends to the slouchiest of trousers– I’m looking at you, Vivienne Westwood). 

I’m all for staying true to form. So when I recently rediscovered my very first Acne purchase I was not at all surprised to find it was a bias-cut navy t-shirt (the bias adds a padded element – just FYI). At the time of purchase I distinctly remember thinking 70 euros was a tad exorbitant – especially for an impoverished university student. But looking back I’d consider the entire experience akin to putting money in the bank. Essentially I’ve discovered that solid basics are the building blocks of a great wardrobe. And don’t fuck with your foundations.  
With all these revelations in-mind, a recent trip Barneys had me admiring (and buying) an Alexander Wang basic tee – which notably exudes the same core values as Acne’s ‘Limit’ tee. Now I’m not entirely sure if it’s ideal that I no longer bat an eyelid at a $95.00 price-tag. But I am sure it’s great to invest in quality. Quality, cut, form and fit always prevail. Every single time. Sure, there’s a whole graphic print thing happening now – and that’s OK. I’d just rather not get into it. Instead I’m focusing on getting back to basics.  
Alexander Atkins in Acne‘s Limit Tee, with Ai-Li Chiong-Martinson in American Apparel, photographed by 
Camille Labat in St. Andrews, Scotland.
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