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Summer Layering: Forever 21 Edition

It’s right around now that layering becomes a topic. I get it, we all love the sun – but there’s nothing like that cool breeze. You know; it’s that slightly chilly (perhaps even goose bump-inducing) spell. A respite of sorts that will make you go: “it’s definitely time to grab something and throw it on“. I’m a huge proponent of the cold spell. BRING ON said spell – please. Not only do I do better in cooler weather (i.e. I can actually think again), it invariably means options – something everyone loves. You see, I believe that summer menswear must involve more than just shorts and tees. But I get it. It’s easy to adopt an entirely myopic approach to summer shopping. And as the mercury continues to rise there really is nothing worse than sticking (quite literally) to your shirt – or even the awkward sensation of that lonely bead of sweat dribbling down your back (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, because you do). But the point is, as with most things, think ahead.
In the spirit of keeping things simple (life’s short etc), I’m all for throwing a loose shirt over a graphic tee. It’s about creating dimension. The graphic tee alone is fine, but the additional layer adds perspective and of-course interest (in a peek-a-boo kind of way). Thankfully Forever 21 has a plethora of graphic tees and shirts to choose from, which basically makes the whole light-layering concept super easy. So no excuses, get layering. 
Alexander Atkins, in Forever 21 (including this James Dean Tee), photographed by Camille Labat in San Francisco.    
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