How To Wear A Striped Shirt

Aside from sparkling loot and visions of Grace Kelly dashing around the Riviera, the main takeaway from Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief has to be Cary Grant’s inimitable style. Fitted jackets worn casually with lightweight turtlenecks, silk neckerchiefs and cravates layered beneath crisp white shirts – it’s all so good. (So good in fact, that each continues to serve as seriously strong sartorial references.) Yet it’s Grant’s striped look – a horizontal long-sleeved tee specifically – that left a lasting impression. And besides, doesn’t a certain level of refinement inherently accompany the wearer of stripes?

Historically, my relationship with both horizontal and vertical stripes is mixed: Several pairs of shorts, a slew of tees and even (although perhaps regrettably) a striped blazer or two have all made appearances. And despite the numerous hiccups (I now know to avoid diagonal lines, for instance) I’ve found the trick is actually quite simple: Tread lightly by introducing stripes in small doses, piece-by-piece. Take Tomorrowland’s prison-stripe shirt: Worn here with forest green shorts and trusty Common Projects, the point is decidedly casual. You’ll also find this type of shirt will prove it’s weight in gold, especially when worn under a blazer or simple crew neck.

Shirt / Tomorrowland • Shorts / Zara • Hat / Similar via ASOS • Shoes / Common Projects • Sunglasses / Garrett Leight California Optical • Photography / Justin Duplantis

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