Hairspiration: The Man Bun (AKA The Mun)

Move aside Michael Douglas – there’s a new bout of hairspiration on my radar. ‘The Mun’, aka the man bun – woah kids! If you are a regular T Magazine reader you’ll probably know all about it, but in spite of the numerous articles on seemingly stylish men (think David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom etc) sporting an example you may still be very confused and rather concerned – or in shock. ‘Buns? On guys? Are you channelling a librarian or something?’.

To be fair ‘the mun’ does have a dedicated Tumblr hashtag which for me basically translates to one thing; it’s become legitimate. Perhaps you think a real-life mun sighting is rare, but looking around all I see are man buns. From the courts of Wimbledon to cafés of Williamsburg the mun has become a certified thing. Why? Well as a semi long-and-still-growing-haired individual it comes down to a few basic things. It’s easy. It’s utilitarian. It’s sleek. And it makes a statement (plus it’s a great place to store things, like pens!). Unsurprisingly, it also looks good with black. Love it or hate it, I’m doing it (until my next visit to the hairdresser at least).

Alexander Atkins, wearing Rick Owens and T by Alexander Wang, with Ai-Li Chiong-Martinson photographed by Camille Labat in Half Moon Bay.



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