Hairspiration: The Dip Dye

By now I’d say I’ve made my views on hairspiration known, and so nothing is more exciting than seeing it become reality.

Hairspiration is a real thing and you, dear reader, are being led to it’s very essence. Hairspiration in action! And if that sounds a bit too intense for a Tuesday morning, relax. Just look at the pictures and click the links – you’ll get it.

When my friend Camille (who has always had great hair moments – remember?) decided she was going to go all Alison Mosshart-circa-right-now this past weekend, I was beyond excited. I mean who doesn’t like The Kills? (Especially now that Jamie Hince is actually Mr. Kate Moss.) That’s right, we all love them. 
Some of the best decisions we make are impulsive. Changing-up your look is real when it’s impulsive, because your gut knows you want it. Camille settled on her hairspiration twenty minutes before her actual appointment. Judging from these shots I’d say it was a hugely successful source of inspiration. Centrally parted, teased or even tied back in a high-pony, the triple dip-dye job has proven its versatility. And besides all that, aren’t we supposed to do this kind of thing in our twenties?
Tuesday just got a little more interesting.
Camille Labat, wearing an Acne leather jacket, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Palo Alto.
*Camille Labat wears blue-tinted Ray-Bans and an Acne leather jacket. Click here to visit her tumblr


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