Hairspiration: DIY Dye Job

In my continued quest to discover other people’s hairspiration I’ve uncovered a big secret. People are DIY-ing it – for real.

I’m not just talking about cutting your own bangs. No, this is much more than that. And yes, heavy duty bleach is definitely involved. Now I’m all for the whole DIY thing (I have an odd affinity with any and everything IKEA), but it takes serious cajones to bleach and dye your own (!) hair. Not to mention in fluorescent colours (we’re practically talking glow-in-the-dark). Essentially the days of ‘The Rachel‘ are so behind us.

Megan Mouren (the creative force of Cloud Hunter) and Camille Labat (whose Alison Mosshart-inspired hairspiration I covered here) have been doing the DIY dye thing for a few years now. For Camille it all started with pink tips. “X-tina in a subtle, less dirrty way, although I love that album!” Of course one thing always leads to another. “Dip-dyes, purple-tips, multi-colored streaks, the ombré thing – I’ve done it all.” Labat, who currently sports natural roots, a deep red body and magenta tips, aims to explore blue tones next. For Mouren, a recent trip to California Roots Festival in Monterey over Memorial Day Weekend was the ideal catalyst for venturing into a triple dip-dye situation. A trifecta of neons green, yellow and orange tints. “I wanted something reggae appropriate – you know? And everyone kept trying to grab my hair, thinking it was a wig – which it isn’t.” 
Two DIY-dyers are certainly better than one. Together the pair are eye-catching and incredibly easy to spot in a crowd (which comes in handy). While maintaining the vibrance and tonality of neons is an arduous task at best, the eventual run and fade thing is quite charming. Colours become soft and powdery; think Kurt Cobain meets Marie Antoinette. It’s all mildly punk, yet overtly lovely.
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Megan Mouren & Camille Labat, in basics by Acne and J Brand, photographed by Alexander Atkins in San Francisco.

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