Cut It Out: Alexander Wang

Despite the title of this entry please, Mr. Wang, don’t stop cutting it out. We love it. And you! But you probably knew that. I mean I can’t get enough of the patchwork leather pants you made me. Ok – enough rambling. The real point is this: cut-outs are so the tits, especially when infused with really strong tailoring and a basic trilby (you may have noticed my new-found interest in hats…).
Remember when Dayne came over and rocked that seriously ripped-up Joy Division tee? Well, for his second look Dayne opted to wear something slightly more tailored. Unsurprisingly the Alex Wang blazer was an easy choice. I’m guessing its incredible fit and overtly nautical-meets-French-schoolgirl vibe (which is always lovely, isn’t it?) played a huge part in what was a very rapid selection process. Design-wise the cut out is actually held in place by hundreds of little threads, like a tiny harp. Aside from creating a near invisible mesh effect that extends down the lapel, Wang’s design also ensures the two sections of blazer flow seamlessly. Good thinking – because no one’s got time for weird bunching, thanks. 
Dayne Arron Watai, wearing Alexander Wang‘s Cutaway Blazer and a vintage trilby, photographed by Alexander Atkins in San Francisco.

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