10 Thing I Love for December

• Bathtub envy at The Line.

• Lazy Sunday cocktails (and truffle fries) at Sel Rrose on Bowery.

This trailer.

• My new Nike sneakers – beyond sleek and a perfect fit!

• Decadent Saturday shave sessions, furnished by Aesop and Creed‘s luxe shaving soap.

• Starting each morning with a homemade green juice.

• Newbury Street’s beautifully simple Aesop store.

This song (Usher has serious moves).

• A slim-fit logo tee, like this one by Gucci.

• The fact that it’s finally boots season. These will do me just fine.

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What Do You Think?

  • Beauty Follower

    Cool black sneakers.
    Liked the moved & clothes in Usher’s clip 😉

    Have a wonderful new month!

  • Demeler

    sel rose for the win!

  • Didier Young

    Those photos are fantastic as per usual! Your new Nikes look absolutely sleek btw!


  • subomi salami

    I definitely love that its boots season too. Great post!

    My Fashion Musings

  • Currently Wearing

    Well, shaving sessions at Aesop are decadent! ;-))) I love Aesop, but it is just so expensive.

  • Siffat Haider

    Loving this roundup. I’ll admit I love that it’s boots season!

  • The Leach Life

    Truffle fries – oh, my gosh! Yum!

    The Leach Life |

  • Eric Jess

    Amazing imagery and word on bathtub envy at the line its so real :p

  • Matthew Pike

    Aesop interiors are just the best

    Buckets & Spades